AYURVEDA the ancient herbal medical system of India and Tibet , developed from the experience and insights of the healers and the herb collectors over many many years, it literally means 'The Science Of Life' . An ancient but timeless system based upon 5 elements of the natural world - Earth, Wind, Air, Fire and Space , their changing expressions during the day and the seasons, and the way they interact with our own unique individual body,mind and spirit described as 3 emergent bio-energy principles called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.   The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain our balance - our health, energy, vitality as we move through our life and the changing situations and environments we find ourselves in.

It is an UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE, it is about our FOOD, our LIFESTYLE, our MOVEMENT, our RELAXATION. They are all individually important BUT more importantly they work together. I live and practice in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, do contact me.

Eight Star Services

Courses & Workshops

Many people have read about Ayurveda or tried a treatment on holiday.  Want to ask questions and find out more about how to use its methods and herbs ? A workshop or course can be an ideal starter.


Shirodhara is a special treatment where warm oil is poured over the third eye area of the forehead and rinses the hair. It is an incredible relaxing and healing treatment.

Consultation And Use Of Herbs

A one to one consultation is the best way to discuss your health and lifestyle concerns, confirm your ayurvedic constitution, and suggest a health or treatment plan with recommended herbal remedies.

Ayurvedic Kitchen

Food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle in Ayurveda. Want to learn more ? How to prepare vegetarian food that uses ingredients and is seasoned with herbs and spices especially for you ?  

Therapeutic Massage

Massage treatments are offered at my home based clinic for health issues, whether foot, hand or shoulder it can positively benefit from hands on massage and manipulation. 

Ayurvedic Garden

Respect and responsibility are a key part of the Ayurvedic view of life, we are all connected. Learn about organic and no-dig gardening, how to grow your own vegetables and flowers, how to make your own compost.

Acupressure And Marma Points

Therapeutic treatments are offered that use selected acupressure points and Ayurvedic marma pressure points.

Vedic Astrology

Alongside our Ayurvedic constitution we can map the positions of the planets and the stars at the time of birth, this can give useful insights into our character and our path in life so far and into the future. 

Zen Moments - The Changing Seasons

A small country has fewer people.

Though there are machines that can work a hundred times faster than man,

they are not needed.

People take death seriously and do not travel far.

Though they have boats and carriages, no one uses them.

Though they have armour and weapons, no one displays them.

Men return to the knotting of rope in place of writing.

Their food is plain and good, their clothes fine but simple, their homes secure.

They are happy in their ways.

Though they live within sight of their neighbours,

And crowing cocks and barking dogs are heard across the way,

Yet they leave each other in peace while they grow old and die.

Tao Te Ching 80